Discover Faz-Tube: The Game-Changing Boltless Aluminum Framing System

When it comes to construction and assembly, finding suitable materials that are efficient, affordable, and straightforward to use has always been a challenge. These hurdles are why Faz-Tube, a boltless aluminum framing system, emerges as a standout solution compared to traditional steel tubular framing or simple wood construction pieces. Characterized by its lightweight panels and minimal component requirement, this system streamlines the construction process without compromising strength in lightweight applications, making Faz-Tube aluminum extrusions an excellent choice for designing small enclosures and other projects.

Overcome the Challenges of Traditional Framing Systems

Traditional steel tubular or wood construction have been used as a standard for years, but their drawbacks include increased labor, many components, and significant time investments. The boltless aluminum framing system addresses these challenges head-on, offering a streamlined alternative that drastically simplifies the assembly process. By minimizing the need for numerous components and tools, Faz-Tube emerges as a game-changer for those on the assembly line and safety managers alike, enhancing efficiency and safety without compromising cost, durability, or strength for small or lightweight applications.

The Science Behind Faz-Tube

Engineered for Seamless Integration and Efficiency

Faz-Tube’s components consist of modular framing and tubing connectors for effortless integration. The genius lies in the integrated ridges within the Faz-Tube excursion, these ridges “bite” into the connector generating tension for quick and secure connections without additional hardware. The only tool you will need to connect the pieces is a soft-faced mallet.

Faz-Tube’s Versatile Shapes and Schematics

The Faz-Tube system features square, single-flanged, and twin-flanged profiles, catering to various applications. Square profiles are ideal for environments requiring cleanliness and prevent dirt accumulation. Single-flanged is perfect for building doors or adding panels; twin-flanged profiles ensure panels are securely held in place, which is particularly useful for vertical applications like small safety enclosures.

Faz-Tube vs. Traditional Materials

The Lightweight Advantage of Faz-Tube

Choosing Faz-Tube’s boltless aluminum framing system introduces a significant shift away from heavier materials when they’re not always necessary. When components are lighter, everything from shipping logistics to maneuverability on the shop floor becomes more streamlined. This efficiency leads to quicker assembly times, allowing projects to move forward at a pace that heavier steel tubular or older aluminum systems can’t compete with. In environments where time is as critical as quality, expediting processes without compromising structural integrity lightweight application is invaluable.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

The boltless design stands out for its direct impact on the bottom line. The need for specialized labor decreases by simplifying the assembly process, directly reducing project costs. Additionally, the minimized component list means less waste and more efficient use of materials, further driving down expenses. The system’s versatility also plays a key role here; adapting and reconfiguring structures with the same components across multiple applications or projects maximizes investment and reduces the need for frequent purchases of new materials. This efficiency isn’t just about saving money upfront—it’s about creating a leaner, more adaptable workflow ready to meet future challenges with minimal additional input.

Durability and Modern Aesthetics

The benefits of Faz-Tube extend into its long-term performance and appearance. The quickness and ease of constructing applications are the cornerstone of the system. Being corrosion resistant fights the rigors of industrial environments far better than traditional materials that cannot withstand the wear and tear that aluminum excursion can. This resilience ensures that investments in the boltless aluminum framing system continue to pay dividends in reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time. Moreover, the sleek, modern look of the aluminum brings a visually appealing aspect to functional spaces. In today’s world, where the aesthetics of a workspace can influence employee satisfaction and brand perception, having a system that looks as good as it performs is a notable advantage. It demonstrates that practicality and style aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, they can complement each other to enhance the overall quality of the working environment.

Faz-Tube’s Diverse Range of Applications

From Simple Structures to Complex Designs

Faz-Tube’s range of applications includes picture frames, simple guarding systems, and custom pop-ups. This easy-to-assemble aluminum framing system exemplifies how simplicity meets functionality, catering to diverse construction needs with efficiency and modern style. 

Tips for Designing with Faz-Tube

Designing with this boltless system involves understanding its profile and your project’s requirements. Faz-Tube only comes in 1” X 1” profile so selecting the right profiles and planning your design can maximize the system’s benefits, ensuring a seamless fit for your construction needs. Take advantage of our free design services to take your project to the next level. For many lightweight applications, Faz-Tube can be the perfect fit blending efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. 

Take the Next Step with Faz-Tube

For those looking to elevate their construction and design projects, boltless aluminum framing may be the perfect fit for you. Consider this innovative solution for your next lightweight project and witness the transformation it brings.

Explore our range of Faz-Tube products or contact our team for more information on implementing this groundbreaking solution in your projects.

Email for more information. 


Safeguard Your Facility with Custom Machine Guarding

In the bustling world of manufacturing, where machinery never sleeps and productivity is paramount, one principle reigns supreme: safety. It’s more than a priority; it’s the core of every operation. Every person who steps onto the factory floor knows the importance of proper machine guarding. Such commitment means one size does not fit all as it relates to guarding. That’s where Faztek makes its mark, offering customized guarding solutions meticulously tailored to meet your equipment’s needs and operational flow.

This blog explains the precision of Faztek’s custom machine guarding. Here, every guard and barrier is not just a safety feature; they’re carefully crafted pieces of a larger puzzle designed to integrate seamlessly with your unique manufacturing environment. Join us as we explore how Faztek’s approach to customized guarding solutions transforms standard safety protocols into a robust, personalized safety framework, ensuring your facility operates smoothly and safely.

Custom Guard Design and Planning

Creating a safe work environment is a deliberate process that begins with a smart, well-thought-out guard design. At Faztek, we excel in translating your safety requirements into practical, efficient guarding solutions. Our approach is hands-on and collaborative, offering free consultations and detailed planning assistance to make sure your safety measures are compliant and perfectly tailored.

Understanding Your Equipment and Guarding Requirements

Our process starts with a deep dive into the types of machinery and moving parts in your facility. Whether it’s high-speed rotating equipment, press machines with dangerous pinch points, or automated assembly lines, each piece has certain guarding needs. We meticulously assess the operational risks and design guards that provide optimal protection without hindering your operational efficiency.

Tailored Guarding Solutions

Below is our range of guarding solutions:

  • Machine Enclosures: Such enclosures encapsulate specific machines or operation points as the first line of defense, ensuring operator safety without compromising machine accessibility.
  • Hybrid Guards: This flexible solution combines two or more safety products, like mesh screens with electronic sensors, to address your operation’s complex or varied safety needs.
  • Perimeter Guards: These barriers are essential for delineating work zones, restricting unauthorized access, and maintaining a clean, organized, and safe work environment.

Material Selection for Durability and Function

Choosing the right material is crucial for the effectiveness and longevity of your guards. We offer a selection of materials, such as robust steel for high-impact protection, lightweight aluminum for ease of handling and corrosion resistance, and transparent Plexiglas for visibility and light penetration. Faztek selects the material based on your specific environmental conditions, usage requirements, and safety standards.

Integration with Safety Interlocks and Control Systems

To enhance the functionality of our guards, we integrate them with advanced safety interlocks and control systems. From light curtains that create invisible safety barriers to interlock switches that ensure safe access points, our electronic safety devices can operate independently or seamlessly with your guarding solutions. This automation integration turns a passive guard into an active safety system, providing additional protection and peace of mind.

Custom Accessories

Recognizing the distinct nature of every industrial setup, Faztek brings an array of custom accessories designed to complement and enhance your machine guarding systems. It’s not just about the primary guarding solutions; it’s also about the minor details that perfect the functionality and adaptability of your safety measures.

We curate a range of custom accessories to address each aspect of your guarding solution.

  • Locks and Latches: Security is of prime importance, and we design our locks and latches to keep your guarding systems secure while providing easy access for authorized personnel. Whether preventing accidental openings or ensuring the guards remain in place during operations, these components are vital for maintaining the integrity of your safety barriers.
  • Leveling Feet: Uneven floors? No problem. Our leveling feet can be adjusted for further stability and firmness, eliminating wobbles or misalignments that could lead to safety gaps or operational inefficiencies.
  • Hinges: Flexibility in access is crucial for maintenance and operational functionality. We build our hinges with smooth movement and durable performance, resulting in guards that are accessible yet steadfast when closed.
  • Panels: Whether you want transparent panels for visibility, mesh for ventilation, or solid panels for maximum protection, we customize each to fit into your guarding system seamlessly. Every panel plays its role in safety while meeting your operational needs for visibility and access.

These custom accessories are far from being mere add-ons. They are integral components of a cohesive guarding system, each serving a specific function that enhances the overall effectiveness and usability of your safety measures.

Why Choose Faztek as Your Guarding Partner?

With Faztek, you receive more than just a safety guard; you get a comprehensive, custom-designed solution focused on functionality, durability, and simple installation. Our goal is to make your workplace safer without complicating your processes, which means your operations run more smoothly and your team stays better protected.

With over 35 years of experience in machine guarding, Faztek is not just a provider; we’re a partner in your workplace safety journey. Here’s why Faztek stands out:

  • Safety-driven designs meet and exceed machine guarding OSHA standards.
  • Efficient lead times signify swift implementation of guarding solutions.
  • On-site support services seamlessly integrate guarding systems.
  • Competitive pricing makes safety an accessible priority for all.

Invest in Safety with Faztek

Faztek’s commitment to safety is unwavering. With a range of machine guarding solutions, from perimeter guards to comprehensive enclosure systems, Faztek is equipped to handle the safety requirements of any industrial setting. Request a quote today and take the first step toward a safer workplace. Or, if you’d like to speak directly with an expert, call 260-482-7544.

Safety isn’t only about compliance; it’s about creating an environment where productivity and well-being go hand in hand. Trust Faztek to bring that vision to life in your facility.

Download our guarding solutions guide here and start your journey to a safer, more efficient workspace today.

Customizing Industrial Safety Solutions Offers Better Protection

When it comes to industrial safety, standard and custom electronic safety solutions can be the difference between a near-miss and a disaster. While out-of-the-box safety devices are a good start, customizing these solutions to the specific needs of your operation elevates the level of protection you offer your team. 

This blog explores how custom electronic safety devices are not just an addition to the workplace but are fundamental to creating safer, more responsive industrial environments.

The Quest for Machine Safety: A Factory Manager’s Tale

Imagine a factory renowned for its top-notch production and automation. At its helm is Bill, a seasoned operations manager known for his sharp eye for efficiency and unwavering commitment to safety.

Bill’s day begins as always with the familiar hum of machinery and the sight of his dedicated team busy at work. Behind the usual bustle, a nagging thought has troubled him for weeks: the factory’s safety measures are good but not perfect. In this setting, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a necessity. “Good” is simply not good enough.

Not long after, a close call near the conveyor section leaves everyone shaken. It’s a timely reminder that the current safety control systems only give basic protection. Bill needs more.

His search led him to explore various options: 

  • Safety light curtains can stop machinery the moment unexpected movement is detected. Are they enough on their own? 
  • Area scanners comprehensively monitor preset danger zones. Will they work in his factory’s dynamic environment? 
  • Pressure mats make emergency stops easy, but are they enough as a standalone measure?

Bill grew frustrated. Each solution, while beneficial, seems only to be a piece of the puzzle he’s trying to solve. He needs something fast, efficient, and, most importantly, custom-made to safeguard his employees and factory.

The Standard vs. Custom Safety Controllers Debate

Faztek sees a lot of people like Bill as industrial safety options continue expanding and evolving. The question arises: should you opt for standard safety solutions that broadly address common hazards, or should you invest in custom solutions tailored to the unique aspects of your workplace?

The Case for Standard Safety Modules

Standard electronic safety solutions have their place. They are tested, proven, and quick to implement. These solutions are designed to meet general safety standards and are ideal for businesses with straightforward operational processes or limited budgets. Standard solutions present a quick and cost-effective way to address the most common workplace hazards. However, the one-size-fits-all approach may only cover some nuances of every specific setting.

The Need for Custom Safety Solutions

On the other hand, custom electronic safety solutions present a different value. Every workplace has challenges, from the facility’s layout to the type of machinery used and even the workforce’s skill level. Custom solutions consider your unique variables to build a safety system more precisely aligned with your workplace. Such solutions could mean designing safety guards that fit unusual machine sizes or integrating hybrid electronic safety devices for a more responsive mechanism.


Tailored safety solutions can be built from scratch or seamlessly integrated with existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption and improving operational efficiencies. Let’s not forget that different industries face varying and continually changing regulatory safety requirements. Custom safety solutions can help keep facilities compliant and safe over time.

Why Aren’t Custom Safety Solutions the Norm?

Customizing safety solutions is a complex task that demands a high level of expertise and a deep understanding of industry needs and safety standards. Many providers lack the resources or specialized knowledge to offer such tailored solutions. Generally, manufacturers focus on broader market solutions that appeal to a wider audience and are more economically viable for mass production.

Balancing Efficiency, Cost, and Safety

The decision between standard and custom solutions often comes down to balancing efficiency, cost, and the level of safety required. 

Custom safety solutions have an edge over standard options for keeping your workplaces safe. These custom solutions slot in neatly with how you already work, making you less likely to have disruptions caused by safety issues. They might cost a bit more upfront, but think about the long game. By reducing accidents, you’re also cutting costs resulting from workplace injuries and the downtime that comes with them.

And here’s something to consider: it’s a big morale booster when your team sees that you’ve put in the effort to invest in safety solutions that are just right for their workspace. They feel more confident and are likely to follow safety rules more closely, and that’s a win for everyone’s safety culture.

4 Electronic Safety Devices of Note

Customizing your safety approach begins with understanding the tools at your disposal. Here are four key electronic safety devices shaping the future of industrial safety:

Device Purpose Function Key Benefit Customizability

Safety Light Curtains

Create an invisible safety barrier Halt machine operation when light beams are interrupted Immediate accident prevention Tailor height and length to fit precise machinery dimensions

Area Scanners

Monitor predefined areas for unexpected entry Shut down the machine when a person or object enters the danger zone Comprehensive monitoring of hazardous areas Adjust the scanning area to specific operational zones

Pressure Mats / Safety Mats

Act as safety triggers for emergency stops (e-stops) Activate an e-stop when stepped on or when pressure is removed Enables immediate action in high-risk areas Set pressure sensitivity for foot traffic, operation conditions, and machines

Safety Switches

Versatile switch options: contact, non-contact, locking, and non-locking switches Convert standard machine guards into active safety functions Easy to integrate into new or existing safety systems Many options are available based on operational risks and machinery types


Two Is Twice as Nice as One: Hybrid Safety Solutions

While each device offers safety, the true power lies in using a combination. Hybrid safety solutions integrate two or more devices and provide a more comprehensive safety net. It’s not about layering safety measures; it’s about creating a cohesive system that accounts for multiple hazards and operational nuances.

Hybrid solutions represent a thoughtfully constructed system where each component is critical, addressing multiple hazards and adapting to the needs of your workplace. This integrated strategy ensures a broader and more robust safety net, enhancing overall protection and reducing the risk of accidents.

A hybrid system can offer immediate responses to imminent dangers and ongoing monitoring for emerging risks by combining devices like light curtains, area scanners, and safety switches. Comprehensive coverage is crucial in creating a safer work environment where employees and management can have confidence in the safety measures in place.

A Custom Approach Offers Maximum Safety

In industrial settings, where every operation is unique, a one-size-fits-all approach to safety simply doesn’t cut it. Customizing safety solutions means not just meeting the minimum safety standards but exceeding them to safeguard the work environment effectively. Investing in customized safety is an investment in your team, productivity, and peace of mind.

Remember, in the world of industrial safety, the right choice is the one that provides the most comprehensive protection for your most valuable asset: your people.

Where to Start Looking for Custom Electronic Safety Devices

Faztek’s expert team excels in crafting tailored electronic safety device solutions, including custom and hybrid systems, perfectly aligned with your needs. We are committed to working closely with you, diving deep into the intricacies of your facility to perform a risk assessment and understand the specifics of your machines. 

This hands-on approach allows us to identify the most effective path to safety. With complete ownership of every stage of operation, Faztek offers unparalleled benefits to our clients. You’ll experience more robust quality control and fast turnaround times. Faztek’s streamlined process and commitment to excellence mean you get the best safety solutions customized for your workspace.

Contact us to see how Faztek can help your team.

Prefer to call? We’d love to hear from you! 260-482-7544

Going The Extra Mile

If you can conceive it, the team at Faztek Industrial Solutions can create it. Dedicated to custom designs and fabrication, Faztek partners with businesses, medical providers, data centers, manufacturers and do-it-yourselfers to come up with solutions that make sense. 

“We can serve anyone from maintenance departments to engineers to rocket scientists to the DIYer. You can quite literally do whatever you want, as long as your mind can think it up,” explains Chief Operating Officer Derek Melchi. “Our biggest niche is machine guarding. If someone has dangerous machinery and wants to ensure their people are protected, they’ll come to us and we will make a guard.” 

“What’s great about our business is that if our customer’s need something to be a certain size, or an exact size and exact shape, we can make that happen,” adds Faztek Chief Financial Officer Matt Rupp. 

Founded in 2001 as a supplier of aluminum framing, the company has expanded its offerings to include material handling carts, custom workstations, safety guarding and aisle containment. In recent years, Faztek has worked with entrepreneurs like Justin Kuhn who need help bringing their ideas to life. 

After the deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida in 2018, Kuhn had an idea that would help keep students safer. Metal detectors were an obvious solution, but are expensive. In addition, traditional systems are triggered by anything metal: laptops, phones and belt buckles, as well as guns and knives, so each alarm required human intervention. Kuhn’s solution involved a screening device that has the ability to discern between common items and those that may pose a threat. But that didn’t solve the issue of manpower. 

“Schools do not have the resources or manpower for all entrances and exits, so I thought, ‘You really need to put in a camera and integrate it with a metal detector.’ When that metal detector went off, instantly it would snap a photo and it would send that photo to the school resource officer or safety team,” explains Kuhn. “They receive a text notice instantly and can then go and check on the situation.” 

The problem, he then learned, was that each school entrance was different. He needed customized panels that would help funnel students through the metal detectors. Not only did Faztek come up with something functional, but the designers were able to fabricate something that looked good, too. 

“I reached out to the team at Faztek and they couldn’t have been better. They were great to work with,” Kuhn stresses. “They offered an affordable product that was very nice looking. Every system that I did was custom, as every school had a different setup. The designers and team over at Faztek always did their best to make the configuration work. It was very important to have that correct.” 

“Sometimes customers come to us with detailed designs and simply want us to tweak it a little bit, and other times they show up with a drawing on a napkin and we turn that into a design,” says Melchi. 

What sets the company apart from its competitors is a commitment to exceptional customer service, fair pricing and a dedication to delivering quality products quickly. 

“We pride ourselves on our lead times. Our standard turnaround times are anywhere from three days to a week,” says Rupp. “We have a saying around here, ‘It’s not the big-eating-the-small kind of world anymore. It’s the fast eating the slow.’ We have to do whatever is necessary to be the fastest.”

In order to better meet the needs of its customers, Faztek is expanding. In June, leaders broke ground on a new $6 million headquarters and production facility on Bluffton Road.

It will double the size of the current building and have an initial capacity of 60,000 square feet with the potential to expand to 100,000 square feet. It’s expected to open in the spring of 2024. 

As for entrepreneur Justin Kuhn, he eventually sold his company, EntryShield, but the new owner continues to work with Faztek to design and manufacture custom panels for school security systems. “It’s honestly been a great partnership. It’s wonderful that the new owners and company are still using them. It worked well for me because it was right in my own backyard, and I could pick up the product and take it to schools. Even though the new company is out of Arkansas, they are still staying with Faztek which I think says a lot,” says Kuhn. 


5 Steps to Speed Up the RFQ Process to Get Your Products Sooner

There are a lot of variables that go into creating a quote for your custom project. In this post we are breaking down some of the most important considerations for your next project to help you understand all the important details we’ll need in order to deliver the best possible product to you.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver custom solutions, quickly, and for a great investment. The more alignment we gain with you, the more satisfied you’ll be! 

Project lead time is one of the biggest questions we are asked, especially in today’s environment. In an effort to deliver your project as soon as possible, we framed up five key questions that you can answer for us in order to get you an accurate quote sooner rather than later.

Before we dive in, we want to ask which category you fall into: 

  1. Yes, I have experience with t-slot products.
  2. No, I do not have experience with t-slot products. 


If you do have experience with t-slot products, you may skip down to the section below, Questions to answer for your fast & accurate quote.

If you do not, it’s best not to overwhelm yourself with all of the various options regarding connection types, profiles, hardware, etc. 

The minutia can be overwhelming, so let’s keep it simple when submitting an RFQ for the first time. Feel free to scan the information below but do not worry if you’re unsure of what the question is asking. 

Please just indicate in the form fill, email, or while on the phone with a Faztek representative that this is your first foray into t-slot and you’re going to need some education along the way to delivering an RFQ to you. We are happy to coach you through the process. 


Questions to answer for your fast & accurate quote

   1. Product selection – what product line of ours are you here for? 

          a. Data centers walls, panels, and doors
          b. Machine guarding
          c. DIY projects
          d. General industrial solutions such as carts, tables, and machine stands
          e. Work stations

Please share a picture if you have one!
A drawing, whether it’s a CAD drawing or a simple sketch, is very helpful.

    2.  Project context details:
This may seem like an odd question but here’s an example of a request we often receive and the questions we have to determine the final specs for the customer:
Customer will say they “want a door.” In order to deliver exactly what they need, we would need to know: 

  • Where this door is going
  • What type of door is it (such as a human sized door or machine sized, so as to accommodate a forklift, as an example.) 
  • What size does it need to be?
    Dimensions are probably the most critical. Length, width and height, along with any critical dimensions relevant to your project depending on the design’s complexity.
  • What will your project solution be used for? 
  • What sort of work environment will your project be in / where will it go? 
  • About how big should your project solution be? 
  • Do you have specific material requirements or preferences?
  • Will this be mounted or secured to something else?

   3. Materials and strength profiles requirements and preferences:
We create a variety of different projects for a lot of different use-cases. Regardless of what you’re requesting a quote for, strength profiles are important to consider to ensure your project isn’t over or under engineered.


  • In regards to weight load, this will be pertinent to the designer who will determine what extrusion profile will best serve the project’s needs. For instance, if you intend to build a workbench, we need to know if anything over 100 pounds will be applied to the table surface, or will your workbench hold over 1000 pounds? This detail alone will allow us to determine the profile and general structure of the design. Over engineer it and you’ll pay more than you need to. Under engineer it and the design won’t support your expectations!
  • Paneling is relevant for a few reasons. Is the end user sourcing it themselves or will Faztek need to provide it? Faztek typically stocks 1/4″ black ABS and 1/4″ clear poly, along with thinner material for smaller extrusion profiles. Again, don’t overthink it. Decide if you want paneling and where it should be located on the design.
  • We currently offer 4 different profiles series consisting of different weights and profile designs; 15, 10, 40, and Faz-Tube. Each series offering different weight deflections, price points, and expandability. 15 series being the most common and coming in 1.5” increments, 10 series is 1” increments, 40 series is 40 mm increments and Faz-Tube strictly in 1”x1” hollow profile, and assembled using a boltless fastening system.


   4. Are you going to assemble the project yourself or do you want us to do it for you?
You have two options when it comes to the assembly of your project. If you choose to assemble it yourself, know that all of our projects are customized so we do not provide a specific set of directions for assembling your project. If this is your first time dealing with t-slot, let’s discuss the feasibility of doing this yourself.

We have a decision guide to help you determine if you’re equipped to assemble your project yourself of not: Faztek As Your Assembly Partner

   5. How do you want your project delivered to you? Shipping details:
Another important point, especially for the DIY crowd, is shipping. Size and weight will determine whether the project can get to you using standard ground shipping, or if it will require less-than-truckload (LTL) truck freight coordination. A thought to keep in mind, if you are determined to keep shipping at standard ground only; keep the dimensions below 96″.


Is Faztek the right partner for your next project? 

By providing us with some of the answers to the questions above we will be able to provide you with a fast, accurate quote to help you determine if we’re the right partner for your next project. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Faztek advantage, read this article: Is Faztek the right partner for your project?

The Benefits Of Using Faztek As Your Assembly Partner

Faztek provides the rare experience of getting an entirely customized solution that is more cost-effective and is produced faster than almost any other option on the market. 

This is achieved by cutting out the retail distributor middleman. This means you work directly with the same team from initial concept design, through engineering, all the way through production and delivery.

Customized from the OEM means we ship faster and in a more cost-effective way: 

  • Built to your exact specifications, no retrofitting is required
  • No unnecessary shipping costs or retail markup 
  • No waiting on overseas shipping, minimized impact from supply chain issues
  • More knowledgeable service & support provided throughout the entire process
  • Assembly and installation opportunities are available 

When you order a product from Faztek, you have two options:

  1. You can assemble your system yourself after you receive our kit
  2. You can have Faztek assemble it for you

Because all of our solutions are customized, though, we cannot create detailed instructions for each and every new product we create. This is where our strategic assembly conversations come in. 


How To Determine If You Should Hire Faztek’s Team For Assembly

All products do feature a bill of materials, including a tag drawing, which is a high-level overview of the solution you’ve created with Faztek. This is great at a glance, but doesn’t feature the up close details you may need to assemble everything on your own. 

Your BOM will also feature an assembly and installation estimated amount of time for a Faztek representative to get your system setup. Depending on your familiarity with the assembly process, this number could be anywhere from the stated mount of time to X2+ for less experienced personnel on the customer end.

The initial question to ask yourself is how much is an hour of your personnel’s time worth to your business? 

Faztek assembly processes can vary widely in costs depending on how complex the assembly process is. Each year we assemble hundreds of different projects for our clients, which is typically in the range of $500 – $700.

On the low end, your assembly project may only be $25 – $50 if it’s a simple process. If you have several different projects, ranging in complexity, your assembly could run in the thousands of dollars. 

We have found that many of our customers much prefer this approach to allow their team to stay focused on what they do best and help to ensure any anticipated challenges will be dealt with right on the spot to avoid delays. 

Faztek assemblers know by just looking at the drawings the best way to lay out the project to put it together. How many times have you started to put something together only to realize you started in the wrong area or with the wrong piece and have to take it apart and start again? As the saying goes, “Time is Money.”


Here are a few additional considerations to help with your decision: 

  • Is the project complex or redundant? 
    • Complex would be defined as having 2 or more irregular design changes or alterations. For example, a set of panels that contain several panel sizes and doors. This would require the assembler to potentially start the “learning curve” process over again. This will require time (and potentially a certain amount of frustration.) 
    • Redundant projects would involve same sized panels or configurations that can be done over and over. This would require an initial learning curve but thereafter is more manageable.
  • If by chance there are any corrections that need to be made, they can be made before the project ever leaves the building. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop and wait for parts in the middle of building something.
  • Do you have a designated person(s) with any mechanical or assembly experience? Someone who is mechanically inclined is going to have a better chance of not encountering any delays. As a general rule of thumb, each year we ship  5,500+ solutions, about 5-10% of which use our assembly services. The remaining amount make their best attempt as a starting point. Of this group, we hear from about 25% that hit assembly roadblocks.

Bottom line: discuss the assembly and installation complexity with your Faztek representative prior to figuring this out the hard way. The more planning you have on the front-end, the more smoothly your operation will be up and running. 

Benefits of Selling Direct vs Through a Distributor – Rare Benefit!

Many businesses overlook the benefits of selling direct rather than through a distributor. The numerous benefits that go along with this decision provide an increase in your overall ROI. Controlling costs, faster processes, stronger customer service and knowledge, customization, and better quality control are all possible, and better, when selling direct. 


Cost control

One of the biggest benefits of selling direct versus through a distributor is cost control. Selling direct eliminates distributor’s mark-up and fees. 

The customer deals directly from the source whom they are purchasing from so cutting out the middleman will save the customer 20-30% from the start. 


Speed up process

The customer does not have to contact a distributor, send in their quote,  and then wait for the distributor to quote their project. This speeds up the process from start to finish. 

Not only will you receive product quicker, but also answers. If there are questions on the quote submitted, the customer has the ability to talk with representatives straight from the seller instead of going through a middle man whose only job is to sell the product, not knowing the ins and outs of the products’ uses and abilities. 

Purchasing directly allows for an accelerated timeline in order to get product out the door faster and meet customer timelines, ensuring your customers have an optimal experience with product delivery. 


Customization is easier

Selling direct allows you, the customer, to talk directly with the product manufacturer and their  design team. This means even with a more difficult or complex project, designs can be customized to meet your standards. 

Given the ability to talk through ideas and thoughts with the design department directly means there is no loss of translation or information as opposed to going through a distributor and needing them to be the spokesperson for you.


Production process

If there are any hiccups or delays in the production process, you can be in direct contact with the manufacturer rather than relying on a distributor, who then might have additional delays. 

Communication is key when designing and shipping products. Adding an additional company in the mix only slows these processes down, causing delays and headaches down the road. 


Customer service

Going along with an accelerated production process, direct customer service is crucial when experiencing delays or even simple questions or revisions of a project. Being able to contact a sales representative straight from the manufacturer can make or break the development timeline of a project.

Not only will this accelerate the process but you are able to speak with people that are trained on developing these products, able to give you direct answers instead of needing to contact an additional company to assist you.  


Faztek- Selling direct for an optimal experience 

Faztek is aware that our greatest asset is our customers and we have worked hard to build a reputation of top notch, quality customer service. Customers are not numbers to us, customers are the key factor to our success and we want to treat them all with the same importance as anyone else.

With Faztek, your initial sales representative will always be your sales representative and a relationship is developed so you feel comfortable knowing the people you work directly with know the ins and outs of your product, and your company. From the quoting process, all the way to production and shipping, your sales representative is there for you for any questions you have throughout the process. 

Our process is simple. Production notifies your inside sales representative who then contacts you immediately, resolves and gets answers to aid production in order to continue your order flowing through without any major delays. 

Our quoting department has an impeccable record of turning around quotes in 1-3 days. This allows the customer in turn to get their project into production in less than a week’s time. 

Also, because Faztek sells direct, we can control costs on our side because we are not paying distributor fees and that can help the customer get custom quotes they need at a fair price. 

When you work with a distributor, the bigger the account, the more attention they give. That is not the case with Faztek, the account size does not matter to us because we feel every account is just as important as the next one and we strive to show that to each and every customer. 

Our processes are meant to benefit you. With cost control, quicker turnaround times, and customization options, Faztek’s goal is to make industrial solutions easy for our clients. To learn more about how Faztek can help your business with smarter industrial solution decisions, reach out to us today!

Thinking outside the box – shipping aluminum extrusion

Whether you’re shipping large or small quantities, navigating the best shipping solution can be tricky.  Both ground and freight (LTL) are the most common and both have pros and cons. 

Understanding the difference between these shipping methods, especially when it comes to shipping extrusion, will make it much easier to decide what is right for you and your company. The standard rule of thumb is 150 pounds or less can ship ground, but with extrusion, it is not that simple, and you need to think outside of the box. 


Ground Shipping

Let’s start with ground shipping which of course, is UPS and FedEx. Faztek uses both to ship daily. Did you know they both charge surcharges for what they call “extreme length”?  Extreme lengths start at 48” boxes which means extrusion falls into this category. 

This can cost your company an additional $95 or more in surcharges but starts at an additional small fee for shorter pieces of extrusion.  

  • 48”-71” extrusion is subject to an additional $18.50 to $23.50
  • 96”-105” extrusion can jump anywhere from $135 to $200.00
  • Large packages are considered 130” packages and up. This is calculated by length x girth (2x width) + (2x height) which can add an additional $70 fee.

Both companies charge this surcharge, taking the length and girth into account. FedEx’s combined length and girth cannot exceed 130” and UPS’s cannot exceed 165”.  One last factor to consider when shipping ground is that each box can weigh no more than 50 pounds each so even a large quantity of extrusion in short lengths can end up being costly if there are multiple boxes. 


Freight/LTL Shipping

LTL shipping is far more complicated than ground shipping and is not cut and dry either. LTL takes into account weight, density, and distance. Oversize and extreme length thresholds and surcharges vary from carrier to carrier. 

The more prevalent, national carriers generally abide by a similar set of rules and constraints. Here is an example of what that might look like:

  • Tier 1: 8-12 linear feet = $150-$250 surcharge
  • Tier 2: 12-16 linear feet = $300-$450 surcharge 
  • Tier 3: 16-20 linear feet = $450+ surcharge 

LTL common carriers’ rules and regulations often change annually. The last couple of years carriers are having to adapt and make the changes needed for them to remain profitable. Faztek has seen roughly a 15%-25% increase in extreme length fees since 2021 and we expect to see a continued increase. 

Remember weight, density, and distance go into the cost of shipping LTL. While weight and distance are self-explanatory, density can be a bit tricky as it relates to freight classing. While density is the primary driver of determining freight class for most products, it is not a one-size-fits-all, especially where aluminum extrusion comes into play. 

There are 18 freight classes ranging from 50-500 which is an industry-wide numeric classification and aluminum extrusion does not fall into one specific classification. This is due to other factors involved such as stow ability, ease of handling, and liability. Let’s break those down. 

Stow ability refers to how shipments can be arranged with one another, in terms of spatial organization. Since Faztek offers extrusion up to 12’ long, this becomes a stow ability issue since it isn’t a simple square pallet. 

Ease-of-handling is regarding the dimensions and packaging type, which determines how easy a shipment is to handle, load, unload, and any other necessary handling tasks. Again, Faztek offers long bars, and our assemblies can be up to 8’ or even taller, which makes the ease of handling more difficult at times. 

Lastly, liability takes into account the product value, in conjunction with the fragility of transporting the product. Liability and ease of handling often go hand-in-hand. 

Aside from all these factors, fuel cost can cause rate fluctuations, as well as accessorial fees like limited access for drop off, liftgates, delivery appointments or inside delivery.


Faztek Shipping Estimates

As discussed, shipping estimates are quite volatile which is why Faztek only offers an estimate. We do not promise our customers something that we cannot control. Standard shipping rates are generally good for up to 7 days and typically remain relatively static. With shipping as it is right now, Faztek has seen shipping costs change daily and it is just as frustrating for us as it is for our customers. 

LTL tariffs can be subject to fluctuations throughout the year, based on a few factors such as carriers struggling to keep up with capacity, or general rate increases in specific areas to discourage more freight than they can handle from coming in. 

On the other hand, if a carrier is slow and they need to fill up trucks, they will lower their tariffs to entice customers to choose them to carry their product. 

Just keep in mind, volume is a large factor in the volatility of tariffs and this is based on the carrier’s current capacity and flow of freight. And It is also important to note that products shipping by ground can be put onto a freight truck so this can affect the ground rates as well. 

If you need to know how much shipping is going to cost you, we suggest waiting until you have actual weights and dimensions so that Faztek can give you an up-to-date cost when your order is ready to ship. If you need information on shipping before you can place your order, we can give you an estimate, but cannot guarantee that same price by the time your order is ready to ship. 

Don’t want to ship LTL because of cost or a residential address? Let Faztek custom cut your bars for you to avoid an LTL shipment. Not sure what length of extrusion you will need? Take a stock bar and simply have us cut in half for one cut charge instead of two and that 12’ bar becomes 2 6’ bars that can now ship ground instead of LTL. Still feel like your shipping estimate is too high? Faztek can give you estimated weights and dimensions, and we encourage you to seek out a carrier that will fit into your budget. 

The majority of Faztek’s regular customers use their own shipping accounts that they have special discounts with, that Faztek may not be able to get. Faztek does not upcharge our shipping charges or add extra fees, whatever we are charged from the carrier, the customer is charged that same amount.

While price is a major concern, our goal is that your product arrives without damage and this sometimes requires different packing styles. Contact us today to let Faztek help you navigate the perfect solution for your company.  

Understanding Your Bill Of Materials To Ensure A Successful Project

One of the most important, trustworthy aspects of any relationship is cost transparency. 

  • Why does this solution cost what it does?
  • Are there a lot of unnecessary markups in this quote? 
  • Are there ways I can lower my level of investment? 

In this article, we are going to break down the key components of a Faztek bill of materials (BOM) to ensure you know everything about the quote we are providing to you. 

Why is this important? By understanding what goes into one of our quotes you can determine if certain aspects of your project can be downsized or omitted. The right Faztek consultant will work closely with you to evaluate any particular trade-offs involved in possible omissions. 

Aside from a parts list and your project details, one important feature of a Faztek BOM is the tag drawing. While this is not a detailed assembly process outline or complete directions, it can help in the assembly process by giving you a general overview of your complete product.  

Frequently asked question: Do Faztek projects come with detailed assembly instructions? 

Since most of our projects are customized, including detailed directions would add tremendous cost to you, the buyer. We do offer assembly and installation services, though, that can save you and your team a lot of time working through the process on your own.  

One useful feature that all BOMs feature is the estimated assembly time for the product you’ve purchased. This is the estimated amount of time that we expect a Faztek employee to be able to assemble your system. Since all of our solutions are customized to your specifications, we are not able to include detailed instructions with all units. We do, however, offer assembly and installation resources as needed. 

If you’re curious about having Faztek assist with your assembly process, check out this blog post here: [link to this blog after you publish that one]

Another commonly asked question with a BOM is whether or not a particular item a customer requested has been included in the quote. This can be found, often as a custom “CP” part found at the top of the BOM or it’s located within the body of the BOM. This item in question can also be located with the help of Faztek support or from the Faztek designer. 

In certain cases, a customer may request a single part that is actually multiple parts. For instance, a customer may request to include hardware that will fasten a table top to the quoted framework. 

This Faztek item is a single part number, 13AC7816, and is called a Table Top Mounting Bracket. This part number consists of several parts that allow this customer to fasten the table top to the framework. However, the customer may not immediately recognize this. 

While this article will answer many questions about Faztek BOMs, some may still remain. We encourage you to reach out to your Faztek point of contact to get all answers to your questions.