Faztek provides the rare experience of getting an entirely customized solution that is more cost-effective and is produced faster than almost any other option on the market. 

This is achieved by cutting out the retail distributor middleman. This means you work directly with the same team from initial concept design, through engineering, all the way through production and delivery.

Customized from the OEM means we ship faster and in a more cost-effective way: 

  • Built to your exact specifications, no retrofitting is required
  • No unnecessary shipping costs or retail markup 
  • No waiting on overseas shipping, minimized impact from supply chain issues
  • More knowledgeable service & support provided throughout the entire process
  • Assembly and installation opportunities are available 

When you order a product from Faztek, you have two options:

  1. You can assemble your system yourself after you receive our kit
  2. You can have Faztek assemble it for you

Because all of our solutions are customized, though, we cannot create detailed instructions for each and every new product we create. This is where our strategic assembly conversations come in. 


How To Determine If You Should Hire Faztek’s Team For Assembly

All products do feature a bill of materials, including a tag drawing, which is a high-level overview of the solution you’ve created with Faztek. This is great at a glance, but doesn’t feature the up close details you may need to assemble everything on your own. 

Your BOM will also feature an assembly and installation estimated amount of time for a Faztek representative to get your system setup. Depending on your familiarity with the assembly process, this number could be anywhere from the stated mount of time to X2+ for less experienced personnel on the customer end.

The initial question to ask yourself is how much is an hour of your personnel’s time worth to your business? 

Faztek assembly processes can vary widely in costs depending on how complex the assembly process is. Each year we assemble hundreds of different projects for our clients, which is typically in the range of $500 – $700.

On the low end, your assembly project may only be $25 – $50 if it’s a simple process. If you have several different projects, ranging in complexity, your assembly could run in the thousands of dollars. 

We have found that many of our customers much prefer this approach to allow their team to stay focused on what they do best and help to ensure any anticipated challenges will be dealt with right on the spot to avoid delays. 

Faztek assemblers know by just looking at the drawings the best way to lay out the project to put it together. How many times have you started to put something together only to realize you started in the wrong area or with the wrong piece and have to take it apart and start again? As the saying goes, “Time is Money.”


Here are a few additional considerations to help with your decision: 

  • Is the project complex or redundant? 
    • Complex would be defined as having 2 or more irregular design changes or alterations. For example, a set of panels that contain several panel sizes and doors. This would require the assembler to potentially start the “learning curve” process over again. This will require time (and potentially a certain amount of frustration.) 
    • Redundant projects would involve same sized panels or configurations that can be done over and over. This would require an initial learning curve but thereafter is more manageable.
  • If by chance there are any corrections that need to be made, they can be made before the project ever leaves the building. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop and wait for parts in the middle of building something.
  • Do you have a designated person(s) with any mechanical or assembly experience? Someone who is mechanically inclined is going to have a better chance of not encountering any delays. As a general rule of thumb, each year we ship  5,500+ solutions, about 5-10% of which use our assembly services. The remaining amount make their best attempt as a starting point. Of this group, we hear from about 25% that hit assembly roadblocks.

Bottom line: discuss the assembly and installation complexity with your Faztek representative prior to figuring this out the hard way. The more planning you have on the front-end, the more smoothly your operation will be up and running.