Common Machine Base Applications

Hot Aisle Containment

These systems isolate and remove hot air from computer servers and IT equipment. This helps maintain a suitable temperature for optimal server performance.

Cold Aisle Containment

These systems deliver cold air to computer servers or IT systems to enhance cooling efficiency. This also reduces the energy required to maintain the appropriate temperature.

Temperature control solutions for data centers

Faztek’s t-slotted aluminum frames and panel profiles offer versatility to create aisle containment systems to meet your data center’s needs. Choosing between hot or cold aisle containment often depends on your data center’s layout. When it comes to building the structures, Faztek has what you need.

Leverage our team’s free design assistance to design the best solution for your facility. Our extrusions come in a variety of sizes with a wide range of fastening methods.

Custom Frames

Hot and cold aisle containment systems made from Faztek’s aluminum extrusion profiles are not only flexible but fully scalable allowing your containment system to grow as you do.

With our large variety of profiles available, no two containment systems are exactly the same because we know nobody’s needs are the exact same. Solid extrusions offer greater strength while lightweight hollow Faz-Tube profiles are great for dynamic environments.

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Self-Closing Doors

The perfect system cannot defeat the inevitable power of a door left open.

Our solution?
Self-closing doors.

In addition to staying shut, these doors help reduce air leakage to better control the aisles temperature. Choose from locking or non-locking to further secure your system.

Flexible Gasket

Aisle containment is all about airflow.

Using a panel gasket can benefit the overall design of your containment system. Panel gaskets help:

  • Seal in airflow to conserve energy
  • Using a panel gasket can benefit the overall design of your
    remove gaps between the panels and aluminum extrusions reducing vibration throughout the frame
Multiple Panel Options

Your panel choice can mean the difference between a secure containment system and a non-secure one.

Faztek offers a variety of panel options giving you the ability to mix and match styles and thicknesses based on your needs.

One of the most common panel types is the twin-wall polycarbonate, it helps with insulation.

Not sure which panel type will give you a secure system? Let’s talk about it – give us a call, we’re happy to offer guidance.

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