Many businesses overlook the benefits of selling direct rather than through a distributor. The numerous benefits that go along with this decision provide an increase in your overall ROI. Controlling costs, faster processes, stronger customer service and knowledge, customization, and better quality control are all possible, and better, when selling direct. 


Cost control

One of the biggest benefits of selling direct versus through a distributor is cost control. Selling direct eliminates distributor’s mark-up and fees. 

The customer deals directly from the source whom they are purchasing from so cutting out the middleman will save the customer 20-30% from the start. 


Speed up process

The customer does not have to contact a distributor, send in their quote,  and then wait for the distributor to quote their project. This speeds up the process from start to finish. 

Not only will you receive product quicker, but also answers. If there are questions on the quote submitted, the customer has the ability to talk with representatives straight from the seller instead of going through a middle man whose only job is to sell the product, not knowing the ins and outs of the products’ uses and abilities. 

Purchasing directly allows for an accelerated timeline in order to get product out the door faster and meet customer timelines, ensuring your customers have an optimal experience with product delivery. 


Customization is easier

Selling direct allows you, the customer, to talk directly with the product manufacturer and their  design team. This means even with a more difficult or complex project, designs can be customized to meet your standards. 

Given the ability to talk through ideas and thoughts with the design department directly means there is no loss of translation or information as opposed to going through a distributor and needing them to be the spokesperson for you.


Production process

If there are any hiccups or delays in the production process, you can be in direct contact with the manufacturer rather than relying on a distributor, who then might have additional delays. 

Communication is key when designing and shipping products. Adding an additional company in the mix only slows these processes down, causing delays and headaches down the road. 


Customer service

Going along with an accelerated production process, direct customer service is crucial when experiencing delays or even simple questions or revisions of a project. Being able to contact a sales representative straight from the manufacturer can make or break the development timeline of a project.

Not only will this accelerate the process but you are able to speak with people that are trained on developing these products, able to give you direct answers instead of needing to contact an additional company to assist you.  


Faztek- Selling direct for an optimal experience 

Faztek is aware that our greatest asset is our customers and we have worked hard to build a reputation of top notch, quality customer service. Customers are not numbers to us, customers are the key factor to our success and we want to treat them all with the same importance as anyone else.

With Faztek, your initial sales representative will always be your sales representative and a relationship is developed so you feel comfortable knowing the people you work directly with know the ins and outs of your product, and your company. From the quoting process, all the way to production and shipping, your sales representative is there for you for any questions you have throughout the process. 

Our process is simple. Production notifies your inside sales representative who then contacts you immediately, resolves and gets answers to aid production in order to continue your order flowing through without any major delays. 

Our quoting department has an impeccable record of turning around quotes in 1-3 days. This allows the customer in turn to get their project into production in less than a week’s time. 

Also, because Faztek sells direct, we can control costs on our side because we are not paying distributor fees and that can help the customer get custom quotes they need at a fair price. 

When you work with a distributor, the bigger the account, the more attention they give. That is not the case with Faztek, the account size does not matter to us because we feel every account is just as important as the next one and we strive to show that to each and every customer. 

Our processes are meant to benefit you. With cost control, quicker turnaround times, and customization options, Faztek’s goal is to make industrial solutions easy for our clients. To learn more about how Faztek can help your business with smarter industrial solution decisions, reach out to us today!