Design Support

Faztek’s team of talented
designers help bring your
idea to life.

Full-Service Capabilities

Design, fabrication, and
assembly are all performed on
location for greater quality

Customized For You

Faztek assemblies are all
customized to your requirements
and still ship faster than the
‘other guy.’

Our product line variety is a DIYer’s
playground just waiting to be explored.

Our t-slotted aluminum profiles come in a variety of sizes with a wide range of fastening methods giving you the freedom to build your workstation, machine base, or full garage system exactly how you want.

Garage Systems

Sometimes out-of-the-box garage systems just aren’t right for what you need. Discover custom workspaces that can better handle your unique projects.


Finding the right entertainment stand to support your systems and storage needs is a challenge. Skip the guesswork, create a stand that’s perfect for your space.

Simulators &
Custom Desks

Ready to take your home office or gaming setup to the next level? Design and build the workspace of your dreams to help you level up personally and professionally.


Make your custom rig stand out with colorful anodizing options. Faztek offers reasonable pricing and some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Helping DIYers & Entrepreneurs

We’ve helped Entrepreneurs just like you to build and design innovative new ideas. From shield systems used in schools to workout equipment, we’ve seen it all. Our team is here to help you through the initial concept of your design all the way through to the final installation.

Every idea starts somewhere, so why not use our team’s
knowledge to help you make your dream a reality.

Garage Systems

If your current workspace can’t support your custom projects, that’s where Faztek comes in. Design and build a modular garage system using our T-slotted aluminum profiles.

If you can dream it, odds are we can help you build it.


  • Custom frames offer freedom beyond standard boxed solutions
  • Modular capabilities allow for reassembly as needs or designs change
  • Our aluminum profiles are lightweight but strong
  • Durable materials mean a quality product you can rely on to support your craft
  • Choose from a variety of table tops for the perfect look
  • Our in-house design team can help assist you if you get stuck
  • Your imagination is the only thing holding you back!


  • Custom Workbenches

  • Work Stations

  • Machine Bases

  • Shelving Units

  • Storage Cabinets
Looking for something
beyond this list?

Let’s talk and see what’s possible

Garage Workstation

Created by: Ben Vincent

Workstation Section

Created by: Ben Vincent


Created by: Ben Vincent

Entertainment Stands

Prefabricated entertainment systems are built with most people in mind – but you’re not most people. You have the skills, knowledge and craftsmanship to create custom systems that go beyond big box offerings.

Faztek helps make your custom stand a reality.

Custom Frames

Entertainment stands made from Faztek’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion are modular, sturdy, and customizable.The t-slot makes it easy to add and adjust accessories and shelving. Your entertainment stand can grow with your entertainment needs. 

Panel Options

From shelving to structure walls, we have you covered with our wide variety of panel options.

  • Clear polycarbonate gives you visual access to your entertainment collection

  • Black ABS gives a sleek modern look

  • Oak offers a more traditional appeal.


Add the finishing touches to your custom entertainment center with a variety of accessories.

Some possibilities include:

  • A t-slot cover to smooth out the surface of your design

  • Panel gaskets to help reduce panel vibrations

  • Adding handles and magnetic latches to doors.

Consider our anodizing offerings for a splash of color and to truly make your stand one of a kind.
No matter your preference, our team is here to help you design the right fit for you.

Have an idea?

Simulators & Custom Desks

Whether for work or for play, home office needs have evolved over the last few years. Finding the perfect desk has become the white whale for many looking to customize their space.

Talking with Faztek to design your own custom desk is a lot faster (and more rewarding) than looking at page after page of premade options online.

Custom Frames

Simulator rigs and custom desks made from t-slotted aluminum extrusion are sturdy and modular making them easy to customize.

The aluminum slots on the extrusion make it easy to mount accessories and give you the flexibility to adjust and modify over time.

Panel Options

Sturdy tabletops are a must when it comes to your custom desk.

Options include:

  • Black ABS
  • Clear polycarbonate
  • Oak panels

These options can be surface or slot mounted based on your preferences.

Want something else? We can custom source tabletops to match your needs.


The perfect setup has all the accessories you need to perform at peak capacity.

Add a:

  • A t-slot cover to smooth out the surface of your design

  • Panel gasket to help reduce panel vibrations

  • Door slides for shelving units

  • Casters to make moving your simulator easier

From black to multiple color options, we can make your rig one of a kind with anodizing. The Faztek team is here to help you design, create and accessorize your perfect setup.

Anodizing Capabilities

Did you know? Faztek has a local sister company, NIA, who specializes in anodizing. This strategic partnership gives you an advantage when creating your DIY projects. Make your designs truly custom at a reasonable price AND some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Anodizing is a great way to improve durability, surface finish and the overall aesthetic of your design.

Choose from red, blue, green, purple, clear, gold, and black color options (up to 48”). We also have the ability to match custom color requests!