Stronger Safety Solutions

Implementing robust safety measures not only safeguards your workforce but also minimizes downtime caused by accidents or incidents leading to cost savings and uninterrupted production.

Machine Guarding

Effective guards are not a one size fits all solution. Protect your workers and machinery with custom- designed machine guards.

Safety Fencing

Maintain a secure and controlled workspace with ease. Faztek specializes in designing and installing industrial safety fencing solutions.

Custom Enclosures

Custom enclosures ensure protection and maintain organization. We
offer custom indoor or outdoor enclosure solutions to house your
equipment, machinery, and more.

In recent years, sneeze guards, and restaurant dividers have increased in popularity.

Enhanced Efficiency Solutions

Streamlining processes and workflows improves production speed and reduces lead
times for more timely delivery of your products.

Conveyor Systems

Faztek offers conveyor system guarding solutions that optimize material handling and employee safety.

Material Handling Solutions

Faztek provides innovative material handling solutions, including carts,
racks, and shelving systems, to streamline industrial processes.

Extend your machine’s current platform or create a custom full machine base. Improve stability
while expanding your workspace.

Improved Productivity Solutions

A productive workplace generates a culture of achievement among your employees and increases output. Set your workstations up for success to better meet your production goals.

Workstations and

Design and build ergonomic workstations and workbenches tailored to your specific industrial needs, improving workflow efficiency.

T-slot Aluminum

Faztek’s T-slot aluminum framing allows for versatile and flexible construction of
structures like machine frames, enclosures, and workstations.


Faztek provides a range of industrial accessories, including handles, hinges,
locks, and fasteners, to enhance functionality and customization options.

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