One of the most important, trustworthy aspects of any relationship is cost transparency. 

  • Why does this solution cost what it does?
  • Are there a lot of unnecessary markups in this quote? 
  • Are there ways I can lower my level of investment? 

In this article, we are going to break down the key components of a Faztek bill of materials (BOM) to ensure you know everything about the quote we are providing to you. 

Why is this important? By understanding what goes into one of our quotes you can determine if certain aspects of your project can be downsized or omitted. The right Faztek consultant will work closely with you to evaluate any particular trade-offs involved in possible omissions. 

Aside from a parts list and your project details, one important feature of a Faztek BOM is the tag drawing. While this is not a detailed assembly process outline or complete directions, it can help in the assembly process by giving you a general overview of your complete product.  

Frequently asked question: Do Faztek projects come with detailed assembly instructions? 

Since most of our projects are customized, including detailed directions would add tremendous cost to you, the buyer. We do offer assembly and installation services, though, that can save you and your team a lot of time working through the process on your own.  

One useful feature that all BOMs feature is the estimated assembly time for the product you’ve purchased. This is the estimated amount of time that we expect a Faztek employee to be able to assemble your system. Since all of our solutions are customized to your specifications, we are not able to include detailed instructions with all units. We do, however, offer assembly and installation resources as needed. 

If you’re curious about having Faztek assist with your assembly process, check out this blog post here: [link to this blog after you publish that one]

Another commonly asked question with a BOM is whether or not a particular item a customer requested has been included in the quote. This can be found, often as a custom “CP” part found at the top of the BOM or it’s located within the body of the BOM. This item in question can also be located with the help of Faztek support or from the Faztek designer. 

In certain cases, a customer may request a single part that is actually multiple parts. For instance, a customer may request to include hardware that will fasten a table top to the quoted framework. 

This Faztek item is a single part number, 13AC7816, and is called a Table Top Mounting Bracket. This part number consists of several parts that allow this customer to fasten the table top to the framework. However, the customer may not immediately recognize this. 

While this article will answer many questions about Faztek BOMs, some may still remain. We encourage you to reach out to your Faztek point of contact to get all answers to your questions.