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Thermoformed Plastic

Custom thermoformed molded plastic is a unique solution for hard to guard spaces. With a wide range of options, you can choose from several types of plastics and colors to get the perfect fit for your need. These custom thermoformed plastic guards can be used as a stand-alone guard or combined with our other product lines to create a completely custom hybrid guarding solution.

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Thermoplastic Guarding

Advantages and Types of Thermoformed Molded Plastics

Advantages of Thermoformed Plastics

• Sound absorbing
• Durable
• Lightweight
• Food contact approved material available
• Heat & chemical resistant
• Won't rust

Types of Thermoformed Plastics

• Standard & tapered guards
• Split round guards
• Shaft covers
• Bearing covers
• Coupling covers
• Custom Formed

Thermoformed Plastic Product Line

Standard Flanged Guard

Standard Flanged

• Cover belt or chain drives
• backplate to cover back of guard
• Can be resized to make longer or shorter based on need

Round Flanged Guard

Round Flanged

• Cover protruding shafts & gears
• Standardly fastened to the machine
• 3/16" heavyweight or 1/8" lightweight plastic

Flanged Bearing Cover

Flanged Bearing Cover

• Covering for most 4-bolt flanged bearings
• Standardly fastened to structure
• 3/16" heavyweight or 1/8" lightweight plastic

Shaft Covers

Shaft Covers

• Cover exposed rotating shaft
• Mount to one or both ends of shaft
• Large diameter shaft cover constructed from 4 pieces

Food Grade

Food Grade

• 1/8" ABS Metal Detectable
• FDA approved for certain pharmaceutical and food grade applications

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