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Customized Machine Safety Solutions

Integrated Safety Solutions

Integrated Safety Solutions

Unique to the industry, we have the ability to create hybrid safety systems of aluminum, steel, thermoformed plastics, and electronic safety devices. This is done by integrating two or more safety products to create an integrated safety solution to meet your specific safety needs.

Machine Enclosure

Machine Enclosures

Machine enclosures are just one of the many ways to help keep your employees safe while operating a machine. A machine enclosure encompasses an entire machine or just the machines hazardous areas to help prevent unsafe operator contact.

Perimeter Guarding

Perimeter Guards

Perimeter guards, also know as safety fencing or safety partitions, are used to create a physical barrier to keep employees clear of an area. Perimeter guards are a perfect modular solutions for large machines and robotics that can not be fully enclosed.

Miscelaneous Faztek Applications

Miscellaneous Applications

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