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Why Have a Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment should be done to identify outstanding risks and hazards even if your company hasn't had any accidents. Having zero accidents does not mean your company is safe. A proper risk assessment and installation of the correct safety guard can help protect not only your company, but your employees and other assets.

Avoid the consequences of OSHA fines, medical bills, workman's compensation payments, machine downtime, and most importantly injury or death to your employees. Contact us for your Risk Assessment today!

How safety audits work

How it Works

First, we will help connect you with a Risk Assessment Firm that can conduct a certified risk assessment. These risk assessment firms will come into your facility to evaluate a single machine, a section of your facility, or your entire facility to identify safety guarding requirements and other possible hazards. This risk assessment will then be returned to you so that you can make the decision on how best to move forward with your safety program.

When you're ready, provide our team with the entire assessment or any part of it so that our team can begin working on the right safety guards for your needs. For whatever combination or priority you have set to keep your company safe, we are here to help!

Find a Risk Assessment Firm

Risk Assessment Firm Phone Number City State Description
Bermac (877) 723-7622 Roswell GA
EI Group, Incorporated (919) 657-7500 Morrisville NC
Fusion Safety and Business Solutions (513) 774-7400 Cincinnati OH
Icon Safety Solution, LLC (912) 660-1432 Rincon GA
OSHA Authorized outreach safety trainer. Extruded alumiunum integrator for 15 years.

Life and Safety Consultants (864) 297-4521 Greenville SC
Life and Safety Consultants, Inc. has been operating out of Greenville, SC since 1997. Once an OSHA Compliance Officer, our owner Don Snizaski has led the field in providing companies with expert environmental, health, and safety regulatory compliance, risk management, and comprehensive safety management systems. Our network of qualified experts provides unrivaled knowledge of construction, municipality, and general industry compliance in OSHA, EPA, DHEC, DOT, VPP, SHARPS, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Arc Flash, Process Safety Management, and much more. From the small, family-owned business to the large scale international corporation, Life and Safety offers a broad range of customizable and turn-key solutions to suit a client’s every need.

PMA Companies (800) 222-2749 Blue Bell PA
Safer Worker Systems (260) 434-4002 Fort Wayne IN
Safety & Compliance Services (540) 344-4676 Roanoke VA
Safety First Consulting (844) 537-7233 Houston TX
Safety First Consulting is a full service safety consulting company specializing in OSHA compliance safety consulting services. Get a snapshot view of your company’s OSHA compliance effectiveness with our OSHA Compliance GAP Analysis. After completion of the OSHA Compliance GAP Analysis, you can resolve the findings yourself, hire Safety First Consulting to manage resolution to the issues for you, or we can split the work to be done. Get peace of mind, knowing where your company stands with regard to OSHA safety standards with Safety First Consulting.

Summit Sustainability Solutions (410) 877-3212 Fallston MD Zero harm – no one wants to get hurt or worse, cause an accident that injures a coworker or customer. Summit Sustainability Solutions specializes in practical, easy to use solutions that meet regulatory requirements while keeping in mind the need to maintain and enhance quality and productivity. It starts with an assessment of both the hazard and the workforce, then an exploration of multiple solutions to best fit your company, and the third step integrates the solution to your workforce to ensure you get the protection, quality, and productivity to run your business to the highest level of efficiency.
Warhawk Safety Consultants (262) 221-4955 Union Grove WI

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