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Machine Safety Products

osha machine guard solutions

Hybrid Guarding

By offering three types of safety products, we are able to offer something no one else in the industry can. Hybrid Guarding solutions combine two or more product lines to bring you a truly customized solution.

industrial machine safety guarding

Aluminum Guarding

Utilizing corrosion resistant 6063-T6 Aluminum Alloy with a clear anodize finish, our array of T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion profiles and accessories can be used to easily create a wide assortment of projects. Common projects include: machine guards, work stations, machine bases, work cells, automated equipment, and so much more. In addition, our profiles and accessories are compatible with most other T-Slotted Aluminum providers.

industrial machine safety railing

Steel Guarding

Our Steel Guarding line utilizes a high visibility safety yellow powder coat and can be used to create a wide variety of projects including: robotic guards, safety guards, welding cells, conveyor guards, and so much more. Not only is it cost effective, but it is EASY to assemble and is sized to your specifications.

osha machine guard solutions

Electronic Safety Devices

We offer many different Electronic Safety Device solutions to fit your specific needs, including safety light curtains, pressure sensitive safety mats, laser scanners and interlock switches. These devices can be used as a standalone product or integrated within a hard guard to help prevent employees from being able to enter the "danger zone" or operation zone of a machine while it is running.

Custom plastic machine guarding

Thermoformed Machine Guarding

Perfect for when space constraints make it hard to guard your machine, thermoformed guarding comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and plastics to give you a custom fit. These custom thermoformed guards can be used to guard bearings, couplings, conveyors, and so much more.

Depending on your machine guarding needs, thermoformed guarding can be perfect as a standalone guard or used in a hybrid guarding system. Find your perfect fit today!

industrial machine safety guarding

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