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Anodizing Options

Anodizing Options

Our sister company, Northern Indiana Anodize, is a local anodizer which gives us the opportunity to provide you with fast turn around times and a variety of anodizing options including hard coat options. They are no stranger to military projects and are ready to help with your next project.

pentagon cart

Heavy Duty Material Handling

Our wide variety of t-slotted aluminum extrusion profiles and accessory lines give us the opportunity to provide robust heavy duty material handling carts to the military and government entities. These completely custom carts are made to the exact specifications your job requires while still providing the flexibility to change and adapt to future jobs. We offer a variety of extrusion profiles, heavy duty casters, worktops, and accessories to keep your team moving.


Test Cells & Prototyping

Testing and prototyping units are used for a multitude of military and government projects. From bulk extrusion to custom fabrication, our team has experience with assisting in these solutions. Our team has helped with projects that include enclosure for testing mechanical equipment to heavy duty test stands for more rigorous testing scenarios.

Pop Up Structure

Portable Structures

Easy set up and tear down are an important factor for on the go operations. With our product offerings we have the ability to create light weight, easy to assemble structures for hospital room pop-ups, small huts, and quick setup partitions.

flag frame

Flag Frames

Displaying the flag indoors doesn't have to be difficult. We have created frames for flags to be displayed indoors for military and government facilities. These frames help keep the flag displayed upright and taut. You can also add polycarbonate panels to the front and back to keep the flag free of dust and to help prevent damage.

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