Custom Greenhouse

Custom Frames

T-slotted aluminum extrusion creates a strong, durable framework for your custom greenhouse. Frames are easy to bolt together and the t-slot allows for polycarbonate panels to securely slide into place during the building phase. Due to the modularity of our frames, you have the ability to start small and add on as you go!

Greenhouse Twin-Wall Poly

Polycarbonate Panels

We offer a variety of polycarbonate panels including twin-wall and clear. Twin-wall poly helps to diffuse sunlight for optimal for even plant growth, while clear poly gives clear visibility comparable to glass. These panel options give you flexibility in your design by mixing and matching the panels or choosing one particular panel that works best for your design.

Greenhouse Vent


We have a large variety of accessories to create the perfect greenhouse for your needs. Add roof vents to help control greenhouse temperatures, panel gasket to reduce unwanted air leaks, and locking door handles to secure your plants. No matter your accessory needs, our team is here to help find you the right fit.


Assembly Options

If gardening takes the majority of your time and you find yourself without the extra time to assemble your new greenhouse, we are here to help. We have teamed up with professional, experienced assemblers who will come to you to help get your greenhouse up and running faster saving you time and getting you gardening faster.

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