Food Industry

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Food Grade

Thermoformed Guarding

Thermoformed plastic guarding is a great alternative to large machine guards and enclosures when space is an issue. These food grade blue ABS metal detectable coverings are a great alternative for food and pharmaceutical industries. The material is highly visible and comes in 2-bolt, 3-bolt, 4-bolt and round bearing covers.


Machine Guarding & Enclosures

From design to implementation, our team has extensive experience when it comes to machine guarding, enclosures, and perimeter cells. For the food industry, these guards and enclosures can be used to meet safety regulations around palletizers, robots, and other machinery.

Sign Frame

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems made from aluminum extrusion allow for multiple styles and configurations and has the ability to handle a high load capacity. These systems can be completely mechanical or have electrical integration with the help of our on-site installation partners.


Packing and Shipping Stations

Our team has worked with companies across the board to help improve their packing machine bases, shipping stations, and ultimately their operations. Aluminum extrusion makes it easy to add onto existing machines to create extended tables, conveyors, and storage areas. These units can also help to reduce ergonomic issues and strain on your employees by improving your packing and shipping areas.

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