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Electronic Machine Guarding

Electronic Safety Devices

E-Safety Information

Turn your machine guard into a SAFEGUARD with our Electronic Safety Devices! These devices can be used as a standalone product or integrated within a hard guard to help prevent employees from being able to enter the "danger zone" or operation zone of a machine while it is running.

We offer many different Electronic Safety Device solutions to fit your specific needs. We manufacture safety light curtains, pressure sensitive safety mats, laser scanners and interlock switches. Not sure what type of Electronic Safety Device is best for your application? Our team is here to assist you with finding the best solution for your design needs.

Whether you need electronic safety products or need electronic safety products integrated into hard guarding, Faztek designers are ready to assist you!

Types and Applications of E-Safety Devices

Aluminum Machine Enclosure

Basic Device Types

• Safety Light Curtains
• Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats
• Safety Laser Scanners
• Safety Interlock Switches


• Robot cells
• Stamping presses
• Assembly equipment
• Perimeter guarding
• Automated lines
• so much more...

E-Safety Device Breakdown

light curtains

Safety Light Curtains

Our safety light curtains are a photoelectric presence-sensing device that provide reliable protection and ensure the highest possible system availability with their robust and interference-immune design. These devices work by shutting down or pausing a machines cycle when the light curtains light field has been broken.

Category 4 Safety Rating!

pressure sensitive mats

Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats

These pressure sensitive safety mats when activated act as an emergency stop that removes power from the machine. These mats can be wired in reverse to emit a signal when contact is removed from the mat.

Category 3 Safety Rating!

area scanner

Safety Laser Scanners

Safety laser scanners are photoelectric presence-sensing device that is a cost-effective and flexible protective device alternative for danger zone guarding of large areas in the vicinity of machine operation. These devices also work by shutting down or pausing a machines cycle when the light field has been broken.

Category 3 Safety Rating!

interlock switch

Safety Interlock Switches

These safety interlock switches take a perimeter guard and make it a safety guard. Machine movements will only be initiated and performed when the guard door is closed.

Category 3 Safety Rating!

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