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Mobile Workbenches

Mobile Workbenches

DIY WorkbenchesDIY Solutions

DIY Workbenches

Workbench Cabinet

Workbench Cabinet

Workbench Table

Workbench Table

Extrusion End

Custom Frames

Conveyor systems that are made from Faztek's high quality aluminum extrusion provide maximum flexibility and adaptiveness for last minute changes or even additions later on. These t-slot conveyor systems are always custom designed to meet your projects needs.

From profile selection to required components, our team is here to help you find the right fit for your conveyor system needs.

Add Ons

High Load Capacity

Aluminum extrusion is a durable light weight option for conveyor systems. With our multiple sizes and extrusion lines, we are able to assist in designing your conveyor system based off of your load capacity requirements.

You can find our defliction calculations on our technical data page. These calculations can help you determine the right fit for your application.

Table Top

Multiple Styles & Configurations

Depending on what your workbench will be used for will depend on the right table top for you. Our team is here to help you find the right match for your needs. From economically priced to robust in strength, we’ve got you covered. Standard table top options include: ABS, polypropylene, and plywood. Other options available upon request.


On-Site Installations

Workbenches are a great benefit to employees, but without the right ergonomics it can become both a safety and productivity issue. These issues are why we offer multiple options to help incorporate ergonomic solutions into your workbenches. From crank shift height adjustments to motor driven solutions, our team can help you integrate the ergonomic option that is suitable for you.

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