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Miscellaneous Applications

machine safety sensors and controls

What All Can Faztek Create?

From machine bases to work stations and everything in between, Faztek can help.

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Miscellaneous Application Photos

machine guarding applications

Material Handling Cart

This bi-level material handling cart is created using t-slotted aluminum, custom wood panels and non-locking casters.


Conveyor Line

Here a variety of t-slotted aluminum bars and panels are used to create a custom conveyor line.

machine safety sensors and controls

Machine Base

This simple machine base is created using t-slot aluminum, abs panels for shelving, and adjustable feet to adjust for uneven flooring.


Storage Rack

This sturdy storage rack uses t-slot aluminum for rigidity, black wire mesh as dividers, and custom wood panels.

machine guarding applications

Counterbore Machine Base

This machine base utilizes t-slot aluminum for a sturdy counterbore station and t-slot covers to avoid the metal shavings from sticking in the slots.


Material Handling Cart

This heavy duty material handling cart is created using t-slot aluminum, multiple non-locking wheels, and a variety of aluminum parts to hold up against a heavy load.

machine safety sensors and controls

Mobile Gauging Unit

This mobile gauging unit is created from t-slotted aluminum, pivoting components, and locking casters to allow for a non-traditional measuring system.


Security Box

This secure box uses t-slotted aluminum, black ABS, swinging doors, and front mounting locking slam latches for security.

machine guarding applications

Catch Basin

This custom design uses t-slotted aluminum and clear polycarbonate to create a catch basin for fluid that sprays during machine operation to prevent an employee from slipping.


Entertainment Center

A unique design utilizing aluminum bars and custom granite for shelving to create an entertainment center.

machine safety sensors and controls

Choir Stage Prop

T-slot aluminum bars, black abs panels, and wheels are used to create a show choir storage unit that doubles as a quickly changed stage prop.


Butterfly Exhibit

T-Slotted aluminum, clear polycarbonate, and white abs panels are used in this application to create a butterfly exhibit.

machine guarding applications

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