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Risk Assessments

industrial machine safety audits

Why Have a Risk Assessment

Just because your company hasn't had any accidents does not mean your company is safe. A proper risk assessment and installation of the right safety guard can help protect not only your company, but your employees and your assets. Avoid the consequences of machine downtime, OSHA fines, litigation, medical bills, workman's compensation, and most importantly injury to your employees by contacting us today!

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How it Works

We work directly with a 3rd party to conduct a certified risk assessment. These contractors can come into your facility to evaluate a single machine, a section of your facility, or your entire facility to identify safety guarding requirements. This risk assessment will then be returned to you so that you can make the decision on how best to move forward with your safety program. When you're ready, provide Faztek with the entire assessment or any part of it so that our team can begin working on the right safety guards for you need. For whatever combination or priority you have set to keep your company safe, we can help!

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